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Nature, Wildlife and Landscape Photography Yorkshire
End Of 2016 Blog

End of 2016 Blog

Another year of Nature, Wildlife and Countryside of North Yorkshire photography by JP Watson Photography is over!

This year has seen us achieve some first’s, I’m from Yorkshire Facebook page used one of our spring photographs of Harrogate Stray in the mist, It got over 5500 likes and more than 150 comments all positive feedback, Also a member of the public approached us for one of our pictures  framed, They found our website by using Google to find the subject they required and got in touch from there. It proves that the work we are doing in the background of the website works. And finally, We were asked to take photo’s at a christening, Something totally different for us taking pictures of people was interesting, To say the least.

Our fan base on our Social media accounts is still growing.

We feel that our photographs are improving every time we take the camera into the Countryside of Yorkshire.

Enjoy the Picture above.

Happy New Year 2017

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