Close Up Giant Dewlap Exhibition Toulouse Geese BLOG

February 2017

We were invited by the owners of the award winning Ellicar Gardens near Doncaster, Yorkshire. To take photographs of the Nature and Wildlife they have in there amazing Garden.

Our first of many visits on the 4th of February, Which was a fantastic sunny day. They have a wonderful natural pool that has no chemicals, and is filtered by the water plants. This has attracted a variety of unusual Wildlife not expected in a Normal Garden. Among them Kingfishers, that hopefully we will see on one of our next visits. Unfortunately on this visit they were doing annual maintenance on the pool.

The Amazing garden is set up to encourage Wildlife, of all kinds not just to eat but live there. You can see that the owners have worked very hard and are very passionate about Nature and Wildlife. The way the garden has been set up, Every plant has a reason for being placed in the area it has been.

And they also have some rare breeds of  animals. Geese, Goats and Hens, The Giant Dewlap Exhibition Toulouse geese were very photogenic on your first visit as you can see from the below picture.

We would like to thank all at Ellicar Gardens for giving us this opportunity and see you again very soon.