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Nature, Wildlife and Landscape Photography Yorkshire

May 2017

On our first visit to Tophill Low Nature Reserve, Which is on the way to Driffield, East Yorkshire. This is run by Yorkshire Water. We went their specifically to take pictures of Kingfishers {Alcedo atthis}. We were given a tip that Tophill Low was a good place to take photographs of the Kingfisher!

The Kingfisher is a beautiful colourful bird, That is very difficult to photograph. As they travel at lightening speeds as they fish to feed there young.

On arrival everyone we spoke to, Said that the young ones had already fledged. So we hurried to the hide to see if this was true. When we got to the hide and opened the door very quietly, There was a Kingfisher sat on a branch as though waiting for us to arrive, To take a picture.

Four hours later, After taking over 400 photographs of Kingfishers. The hide was getting busy. So we left pleased that we had been able to photograph, such an iconic bird.

We will be visiting again, To see other parts of the large reserve through out the year.

Looking forward to going back soon!

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