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Last Blog Of 2017

The Final JP Watson Photography Blog of the Year

JP Watson Photography’s 2017 has been an exciting one, Also an Expensive one. But we will come to this later in the blog.

Firstly the Word seems to be getting out, About the Photographs we are Taking, We have been approached by several charities to Donate Photographs for advertising, The largest charity was St Michaels Hospice at Harrogate, They used two of our Photographs in there 2018 calendar. Also, we were invited, To take pictures in an award-winning Gardens in the South of  Yorkshire. Which was a really good experience. 

As you can see through the photographs on our website, The quality is getting better all the time. We are learning all the time how to take better pictures, And also what you the viewer are wanting to see.

New Equipment

Now to the expensive Bit. Over the last few months, We have swapped most of our Camera kit, Still. Canon may I add.  Two new cameras, 4 new lenses as well a new 3 Legged Thing tripod and Monopod. As Well as Some high-Quality Formatt Hitech Filters (That’s the Learning Bit). Oh and finally some Hahnel Modus flashes,  We will be doing reviews on all the new kit in future blogs.  

One of our firsts. This year was getting close-up pictures of the Colourful Kingfisher. Like the one above.

And finally. A huge thank you to all our supporters. Of both the website and all social media accounts over 2017.

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