Whooper Swan Stretching Copy

March 2017

One of the best days photography for Nature, Wildlife and Photography In Yorkshire. We were very privileged, To have an amazing day of exceptional amount of wildlife visiting the Staveley Nature Reserve.

We first encountered the Greater Spotted Woodpecker making a home with its mate, Our next encounter was with a Grey Squirrel, Who was enjoying the spring sunshine whilst eating his breakfast.

After that we headed for the hide to see the Great Crested Grebe preening himself in the lagoon. Then a lot of swans making a huge amount of noise as they came into land, We did not realise but these were Whooper Swans on there migration to Iceland.

The Whooper Swans stayed all day as did we, Keeping an eye on them to see what they would do, As well as taking a lot of photographs of them as they rested before moving on.