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Our Camera Bag

One of the most important pieces of kit, You need is a great Camera bag. People spend thousands of pounds on cameras and lenses only to spend pennies on a camera bag, The thing that protects your camera kit. We have chosen English made Billingham bags as our camera bags.

Why I hear you say?

Firstly Billingham Camera Bags, Are made in England (It is not often in this business that you can buy things made in this country). They are made with highly stormproof canvas, brass and real leather details since 1973. Each bag is crafted by one person from start to finish. It is about wanting and expecting the best protection for your camera and equipment, Giving you comfort and peace of mind. Billingham bags are designed and made as a unique character. There are typically more than one hundred individual components in a Billingham bag. The majority of which are custom-made.

Basically, You get what you pay for! Top Quality Products come at a cost that is well worth it. Also helps when they have a 5-year guarantee.

Which Billingham camera bags do we have?

We currently have 3 Billingham camera bags. A Billingham 445, Also a Billingham Hadley Pro Large and finally a Billingham Hadley Small.

The Billingham 445 is used as a storage place keeps everything in one place (Can’t misplace things).  We use the Billingham Hadley pro large is used as my carry around bag. It has the capacity to hold 2 camera bodies. As well as several lenses and also filters, batteries etc and also a 15-inch laptop. You can leave a camera body connected to a 70-200mm lens with no problems, a great bag. And finally, My wife uses the Billingham Hadley Small, Which holds her Canon camera and walks round lens easily with batteries etc.

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