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Nature, Wildlife and Landscape Photography Yorkshire

December Nature Photography Report

December Nature Photography Report

Welcome to our December Nature Photography report. Based on Nature, Wildlife in the Countryside of North Yorkshire and the Surrounding area. This month we have decided to do a round-up of 2023 and Plans for 2024.

This year has been challenging but successful. The challenging bit has been buying into the new world of Mirrorless cameras and some of the success is due to how they have developed our photography. We feel our Photography has improved huge amounts since March of this year. At the same time, the Learning Curve has been huge and feel that there is so much more to come. We have spent more time in Paid hides than before to help with this learning curve and to give us confidence when out in the wild. As you can see from our Stag Pictures during the Autumn Rut this has started to pay off. The Photographs above are all taken with the new Canon Cameras Bought this Year.

Our Facebook Page

For the first time, ever one of our posts on our Facebook page got more than 1000 Likes.

And then for 2024

The Camera Kit plan for 2024 is to add a Canon R7 Camera body to the 2 existing camera R bodies we have, we have already ordered the brand new Canon RF200-800 F6.3-F9.0 so hopefully that will arrive in the first Quarter of the Year Figures crossed as demand has been amazing for this lens. will keep you all informed on the lens.


At This point, I would like to say a huge thank you for your support throughout the year.


Finally for this Month Nature Photography Report

Our Photographs are available on our Website, Facebook, Instagram, and Flickr pages. Our images are available to purchase at our webshop.

And that brings an end to this month’s Nature Photography Report.

See you next month.

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