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Nature, Wildlife and Landscape Photography Yorkshire

June Nature Photography Blog

June Nature Photography Blog

Welcome to our June Nature Photography Blog. Based on Nature Wildlife & Landscape in the Countryside of North Yorkshire and Surrounding area.

This Month we ventured into the Countryside of Durham. Just north of North Yorkshire. To a Woodland, Stream Photography hide for a day. This is the first time that we have done something like this. We arrived in Durham early in the morning. To Meet Nigel that owns the Hide. Nigel Showed us to the hide. It was a beautiful day, The hide was a beautiful setup with everything you would need for a day of Nature and Wildlife Photography. The Stream was very close by. We were advised that we may see Kingfisher and Sparrowhawk And Tawny Owls Late on if we were lucky along with many other species that you would associate with a woodland Stream hide.

The Action Started

Nigel left us to it. Not long before the action started. Great Spotted Woodpeckers soon arrived up to four and five at once as you are aware I love taking pictures of Woodpeckers. After that next up was Bullfinches a bird that I have never really photographed a lot due to never getting close enough. But today was the day, Male, Female, And Juvenile Bullfinches in quick time. Blackbirds, Robins, and even Juvenile Robins are Very close No huge Zoom lenses need here. We thought to ourselves. Then Jay and Magpie popped in again First Time photographing Jay Close Up in no time at all we had taken more than 1000 pictures towards lunchtime Birds seemed to not arrive as often then the Grey Squirrels arrived on the scene with entertaining pictures of them close up to.

Please note these were only a small selection of what we Photographed throughout the day.

After more than 2500 Pictures in the early evening, we had to leave to get back to Yorkshire in A bit of a Hurry. To Conclude we did Not Manage to see the Kingfisher, Sparrowhawk, or Tawny Owl But we had a great Day That much that we have already booked another day for August to try our Luck again.

And Finally for our June Nature Photography Blog

Our Photographs are available to see on our Website, Facebook, Instagram, and Flickr pages. Our images are available to purchase at our webshop.

And that brings an end to our June Photography blog.

See you next month.


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