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Woody Enjoying The Sunshine

Photography Blog 2018

Photography Blog 2018

Our final photography blog of 2018. 2018 was a year of learning new techniques. Photographing and understanding birds that I have always had a passion for Woodpeckers, Have always fascinated me. As you can see through some of our photographs, over the year. We were able to get rather up close and personal to the Great Spotted Woodpecker. Which was quite something, That I have wanted to do since I was very young. And finally found somewhere you are only meters away and photograph really easily! Utilising our very good Canon Cameras and lenses to the extreme of there potential.

Please have a look at more of our Woodpecker Photographs.

What’s Next?

Over the next few Years, I would like to cross other animals and birds off my list to understand and photograph. Always on the lookout and willing to take on tips from more knowledgable people. The list is long but feel is achievable with help, If anybody would like to help please get in touch via email.

We are constantly looking at ways we can improve not only our photography. But the Website, Blog and Social Media accounts also, This does take time so bear with us and keep checking on us.


Speaking of the Social media accounts the following is still growing at a steady pace. Please remember that we are hobbyist Photographers. And have to work to fund the hobby. So things don’t get updated as much as they probably should. So I apologise for that but strive to endeavour and one day the hobby may become work!!!


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