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Nature, Wildlife and Landscape Photography Yorkshire
September Nature Photography Report

September Nature Photography Report

September Nature Photography Report

Welcome to our September Nature Photography report. Based on Nature, Wildlife in the Countryside of North Yorkshire and the Surrounding area. This month we Visited National Trusts Studley Royal Deer Park near Ripon North Yorkshire the First Visit of the Year. We normally visit Studley Royal Deer Park at least 3 times during the Autumn/ Rutting season always Get there for first light as on the right day you can get some awesome landscape photographs on your travels. Whilst searching for the groups of deer. Great Distant views of the Amazing Ripon Cathedral from different parts of Deer Park. As we got out of the car we could hear distant Stags bellowing. We decided to go in the direction of the Seven Bridges walk, We soon saw Deer on the ride above us It was still quite dark but managed to get a few silhouette Photographs in the bag early. As we followed the path around we knew that we had the right decision as we could first hear then see a large Group of deer above us on the ridge. Then we heard some banging so pushed on down the path.

And then we Saw!

Red Deer Stags Rutting just in front of us not too far away from where we stood, Incredible. That duel finished as we started to walk the same way we came the sunshine started to come through and there was some great light at the top of the ridges. As You can see from the pictures above We got some fantastic Pictures of a Fallow Deer Buck, A picture I have tried to get on many Visits To Studley Royal. All the Pictures above have been taken With Canon Series Mirrorless Cameras. The more we use these Cameras the more impressed we are. 


Finally for this Month Nature Photography Report

Our Photographs are available on our Website, Facebook, Instagram, and Flickr pages. Our images are available to purchase at our webshop.

And that brings an end to this month’s Nature Photography Report.

I look forward to seeing you next month.


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