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Nature, Wildlife and Landscape Photography Yorkshire
Great Spotted Woodpecker
Male Sparrowhawk Beautiful
Thrush Looking At Me
Reflection Of A Goldfinch
Great Tit On A Perch
Beautiful Male Sparrowhawk
A Curious Male Blackbird

December Photography Nature Blog

December Photography Nature Blog

Welcome to our December Photography Nature Blog. Based on Nature, Wildlife in the Countryside of North Yorkshire and the surrounding area.

In December we had two days in Wildlife Photography Hides the first was at the Woodland stream Photography Hide in County Durham and the Second was at Leeds Wildlife Photography Hides at Methley near Leeds.

In this Blog, we will talk about Leeds Wildlife Photography Hides as this was our first visit to this hide.

On Arrival at Leeds Wildlife Photography Hides, you got the idea it was a very good setup and well run. The hide is only just a few meters from the road. As soon you walk through the gate it is as though you are in a different world. We were shown to the hide. Which may I add is very comfy and thought out. And then we were soon left to it. It was a Cloudy day, But you can’t always have great weather, At least it was dry. The Wildlife was soon arriving on site we set up the cameras for low light with high ISO and slowish shutter speeds. The perches are set up with a lot of care and attention.

Then the area goes quiet

Shortly after one of the stars of the day arrived a young male sparrowhawk for his first visit of the day. What a beautiful Bird of prey it is too. Only yards away from the hide is amazing is one word to describe this moment. After 10 minutes he was gone. throughout the day we had six visits in total from the sparrowhawk. Throughout the day we had visits from more than 20 Species, some that we expected to see in the woodland countryside setup we were at for the day Blackbirds, Bluetit, great tits, longtailed tits, Robin and a variety of finches etc. Others Like the Sparrowhawk, and Jay we had not expected to see so much of not only that but some incredible views of them. Over the next few hours, the amount of action was quite extraordinary and enjoyable. The light started to fade as it was soon mid/late afternoon For a December day. So we started to pack up as we arrived at the Car the heavens opened and rained heavily. 

We have already booked some future visits to Leeds Wildlife Photography Hides over the next few months.



And Finally for this Month Nature Photography Blog

Our Photographs are available on our Website, Facebook, Instagram, and Flickr pages. Our images are available to purchase at our webshop.

And that brings an end to our December Photography blog.

See you next month.

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