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Nature, Wildlife and Landscape Photography Yorkshire

January Nature Photography Report

January Nature Photography Report

Welcome to our January Nature Photography report. Based on Nature, Wildlife in the Countryside of North Yorkshire and the Surrounding area.

In our first Report of the year 2023. January has been a steady month for us Photography wise but busy updating the Website With the Photographs we took over the Christmas period. On our Visits to the Woodland Stream Hide In Durham and Leeds Wildlife Photography Hides. We will be Visiting Both Hides again Throughout the year as they are both fantastic for different species of birds. Also, we have been looking at making the website and webshop Even Better!

We have added more Categories to galleries and albums to try and make the website more user-friendly and easier to look for specific things. Also Moved out some of the old pictures to help with this. Our Aim is to hopefully bring more people to our Website and everyone enjoys the experience as much as they enjoy the photographs. 2023 is the website’s 12th year on the world wide web. We are trying to make it bigger and better every year.

The Webshop is in its 3rd year and we are trying to get more people to visit it and hopefully find a product to buy from it sometime soon.


Improved Throughout 2022

We feel that What we achieved in 2022 was positive and are aiming to push even further in 2023 so stay tuned! Maybe even changing our Canon DSLRs over to Canon Mirrorless. You will be the first to know when/If this happens this year.



And Finally for this Month Nature Photography Report

Our Photographs are available on our Website, Facebook, Instagram, and Flickr pages. Our images are available to purchase at our webshop.

And that brings an end to our January Nature Photography Report.

See you next month.

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