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Nature, Wildlife and Landscape Photography Yorkshire
January Nature Photography

January Nature Photography Blog

January Nature Photography Blog

Welcome to our January Nature Photography Blog.  

Our first Nature wildlife and Landscape blog of the year.

First of all, we have not managed, to go out as much as we would have liked. Because of the Damp Weather over the last few months in the wonderful countryside of North Yorkshire. But on a positive note, we have spent a lot of our spare time updating our website and Social media accounts 

The first opportunity, We did however manage to go on to the North York Moors. Therefore, On the first weekend of the month just to get out of the house. Also, it had been Snowing just a few days before. Not too much but in places, you could still see snow in places. However, we came across plenty of wildlife that calls the North York Moors Home. On this occasion. We did not get many Photographs as we would have liked. But did manage to do some research for future trips throughout the year. More to Follow.

January Nature Featured Photo

This Month’s Featured Photo is a Red grouse calling in the Winter Sunshine. Photographed on the trip above. We saw a Red Grouse sitting on the top of a bank at the side of the road. I managed to get several pictures. My favourite Photograph is the one above. Photographed with the Canon 7Dmk2 and Canon 100-400LMK2 at 400mm. With a shutter speed of 1/1000 of a second. Bringing out the colours of the grouse and surroundings very well in my opinion. If you would like to purchase the above Picture view our webshop.


And Finally, Our Website and all our Social Media accounts Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, and our webshop are all updated regularly with our new Photographs.

Thank you for reading our January Nature Photography Blog.


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