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Nature, Wildlife and Landscape Photography Yorkshire
A Different Angel
A Different Angel
Red Deer Stag Still Rutting
Tree Creeper
Misty Sunrise Over The East Lagoon
Barn Owl Searching
Early Sunrise
A Different AngelRed Deer Stag Still RuttingTree CreeperMisty Sunrise Over The East LagoonGrowingBarn Owl SearchingEarly Sunrise

Photography report for 2020

Our End of Year Photography report

End of year Nature, Wildlife and Landscape photography report of the year 2020 for J P Watson Photography. As for everyone 2020 has been a very strange and difficult year. Also like most of you, We have not achieved everything we would have liked to do this year. Definitely with the photography part of our hobby. In other aspects,  Shall we say overachieved?

J P Watson Photography Website

In 2020 we decided to give the J P Watson Photography Website. A completely different look. Which we think has completely transformed it into what we think is spectacular a nice clean-looking Photography website. Hope you think the same?

We added a Webshop. Where you can buy high-quality prints, canvases, or even just download a high-resolution file. You can print at your Leisure. We decided on this type of webshop. They look after everything to a very high quality. With this being an all-in-one service. Where prints and canvases purchased and shipped to your doorstep. Where ever you are in the world.

Our Social Media Accounts

Firstly our Facebook page has exceeded all expectations during 2020. In achieving the goal of 2500 likes we set ourselves. Over at our Instagram Page has now got over 400 Followers in its first year. Then onto our Twitter page and also Flickr account which is going well at the same time. Finally to the JP Watson Photography Showreel for 2020 is available to watch on our youtube channel.

I feel that all our Social media Accounts are moving forward. In what you would call a difficult year on all of our Social Media accounts. Which is very pleasing. We Would like to say a massive thank you to all our Supporters on Our Social Media Accounts.

To Finish our Photography Report

To summarise what we achieved in 2020. We certainly believe. That we have not only improved our website and our social media accounts as mentioned above. But also believe that our Photography has improved as well. Also, we have had more time to study our photographs and have been learning new techniques this year. Hopefully in 2021. We will be able to get into the Countryside of Yorkshire. To be able to photograph more Wildlife and Landscape with what we have learned. Bringing better and more interesting images. To all of our customers, Followers as well as friends, and also Family. That has helped us during this journey. Also in joining our hobbies together of Photography and technology together in producing J P Watson Photography.

Overall let’s hope that 2021 is better for all of us. Hopefully, We can all achieve what we want to do with our lives in contrast to last year. Also, we hope to achieve all our goals we set ourselves good luck and take care of ourselves.




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