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Nature, Wildlife and Landscape Photography Yorkshire

March Photography Report

Welcome to our March Photography Report.

Our Latest Nature Wildlife and Landscape Photography Blog based in North Yorkshire. We have decided that we should do more of our photography Blogs. Also, we will be trying to do a blog every month with more information about what we are doing month to month. Also, a more informative blog that will have new features.

March Photography Report

For our March photography report. We will be looking at a featured photograph that is currently on our webshop.

This month we have chosen Sunrise at Staveley. Sunrise at Staveley, Photographed at the wonderful Yorkshire Wildlife Trust Nature Reserve at Staveley near Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire. We took the photograph last summer near the newly designed East Lagoon. Very early morning, Just as the Sun was rising whilst the wonderful orange/reddish glow looks amazing with the reflection in the lagoon. With the sun just been behind the tree. The tree becomes a silhouette that we feel helps make the photograph really quite special.

Sunrise at Staveley photographed with our Full frame Canon 5D Mk4 and Canon EF 70-200Lis MK2 lens. At a focal length of 168mm at f4.5, A shutter speed of 1/800, And finally an Iso of 100. A focal length of 168mm, Used as we needed to zoom to lose a lot of the foreground as we were quite a distance away.

Also, This photograph was very well received, On our Social media accounts but more about this later.

Social Media Accounts

March has brought us to new heights on our Flickr page. Our featured Photograph of the month Sunrise at Staveley for the first time a picture of ours on Flickr has had more than 9000 views and nearly 350 likes at writing this report which is fantastic. As a result, we have nearly doubled our followers to more than 340 really pleased with this. Our Instagram Page has now amassed more than 550 followers. Also Finally, Our Facebook Page has reached more than 2640 likes and gets a lot of views week in week out.

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