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Nature, Wildlife and Landscape Photography Yorkshire

November Photography Nature Blog

November Photography Nature Blog

Welcome to this November Nature Photography Blog. Based on Nature Wildlife in the Countryside of North Yorkshire and the Surrounding area.

In November we went on a Stag hunt to the National Trusts Studley Royal Deer Park near Ripon North Yorkshire. As you are aware we go to Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal several times a year. November is very late in the rutting season but it was one of the first opportunities we have had to go this Autumn. On arrival at Studley Royal Deer Park, it was still Dark with a lot of thick clouds which was a bit disappointing. As the weather forecast was a lot better than actual. On finding the first Group of Deer, a mix of Red Deer and Sika. I just watched from a distance in the hope that the light would get a lot better sooner or later. Something scared the group I was watching from a distance. So I moved on Deeper into Deer park.

Then the Light improved

The light was still not great got the canon 5Dmk4 With the EF 70-2002.8 and 1.4 Converter ready that would give me a maximum Zoom of 280mm at F4 and also 7D with 100-400 both prepared for every eventuality. I Found a Large Group containing all 3 Varieties of Deer at Studley Royal red Deer, Sika and Fallow deer. Some of them ran straight past me, just yards away. I was beginning to get some decent shots as the Cloud started to Break and at last, we had some decent light. As well as some distant mist. It was becoming a great Morning for photography. As the deer was not bothered by me at all in Good Light. After Nearly 2 hours in the same spot, I decided to move on and leave them to it.

Several things about going towards the end of the Rutt were that I was the only photographer with the Deer. I have learnt throughout the years of going to Studley royal That you can get quite close to the deer as long as you are Slow with movement and keep quiet so they don’t feel threatened by you.

Some of my Favourite Pictures are shown above.

And Finally for this Month Nature Photography Blog

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And that brings an end to our November Photography blog.

See you next month.



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